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A fortnight after the inauguration of the new POTUS, I look around and cannot help but think that the world has reaped what it sowed. In this passively aggressive society solely focussed on profit and possession we live in it is only natural that a wealthy bully would obtain such amount of power without deserving it.
If, in our minute corner of the world, we struggle with inequality and extreme social, cultural and economic differences it is perfectly safe to assume that these aspects will be hyped in a country as big and as diverse as the USA.
His election was symptomatic of the difficulties the world faces and of the idolizing idiocy that we have sunk into by bowing down to those who flash their diamonds and dollar signs. The idea that “money makes the world go around” has corrupted those who should be the beacons and pillars of society and bullied the rest into passive acceptance of all that spews from their words and actions.
As a teacher, I feel sick to the stomach with the idea that I have failed our youngsters and feel responsible for the ignorance and the indifference with which they accept the world around them. How can it be that teachers and parents have not prepared our future generation with critical minds that abhor the horrors around us? How can we have let them become so numb that corpses of dead children on the sand of the beaches will not make them take action? What went so wrong that they watch and listen without flinching to the new POTUS and not urge the rest of us to impeach him?
The new POTUS and his lovely FLOTUS are the ultimate example of all that is wrong with the world today. An unscrupulous, sexist bully who drags his plagiaristic wife around like most of his possessions. A bigot and a racist. A blunderer who uses extreme adjective such as great, huge, enormous but whose discourse shows ignorance and aggression.
I feel sorry for the USA and for all those who have already, in two weeks, started feeling the severity of his ignorant hand, the harshness and swiftness of his executive pen. I sincerely hope that the trust the USA bestows in God will help its people through the troubling times I foresee.

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