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To those who usually read what I write, every two weeks, I am sorry for not being able to have posted something two weeks ago. I do live in an enchanted place, nonetheless, unfortunately, pain is not excluded from it, as I have told you before. 
As in any fairy tale story, there is always someone who gets hurt. It was my time. I got hurt bad. I hurt my back quite spectacularly. And the plans I had planned were laid, alongside me, on my bed, throughout an entirety of five loooong days. I was forced to stop and lose experiences which I was really looking forward to. 
I try, to the best of my abilities, to plan everything in advance. I keep multiple notebooks, although my husband keeps suggesting me to use my i-apps. I like these new technologies kind of thing but there is nothing like words written down on a paper, so my notebooks are sort of my personal diary — which I was never able to keep, while growing up. 
All was planned for me to tell you, today, about my trip to Santa Maria, the oldest island of these beautiful nine islands of mine. I was going to know the island better and I was going to be around amazing people whom I have come to consider my friends. I was going to attend the 28th gathering of AICL – Associação Internacional dos Colóquios da Lusofonia, to which I proudly belong to, not only as an associate but also as a member of its “family”. I was going to tell you about it all, but unfortunately I cannot tell you anything about it because I did not go. During those days — from October 27th to November 1st —, I was also going to talk about Daniel de Sá but mostly, I was going to encounter dear friends and talk to everyone and know of the world through their valuable opinions. That was my goal and my happy get away weekend. But I didn’t and I felt like something was missing, something was off and that there are things that I cannot miss again. I felt it and I still do. 
Like many other bookish stories, my enchanted islands are as equal as another place in the world, with good and bad parts, with good and bad plots, with good and bad characters and with many ups and downs. Like a character in a book, this past week was my down paragraph time. 
At this moment, I am only wishing to get to the next chapter of my book so I can get up and find a passage where my adventures can be told in a much more enchanted way.

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