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Questions are always the hardest task we have to endure, while rational thinkers. The answers usually come along, one way or the other, for better or for worse like in any marriage you’re a part of. So, what do you ask? Better yet: what do you question? No book on earth will give you the answers nor tell you what to follow. They might indicate you some sort of path but not the path itself. And neither will they give you the time, will they? Then again, how could you measure time? Have you ever done it? Why on earth would you do such a thing? It’s senseless, don’t you believe it? Why would you, right? So, again, if not about time what do you question? Do you question others or yourself or even both? Why question others? Are they your responsibility? What are they to you? So, is it just you then? What for? Better yet, again: what do you seek when you are questioning yourself? 
Do you question in any particular time of day or situation? If so, why is it? What connection do you get from that time or situation? Is it a routine? Have you ever thought of it? Why? Why not? Is it not your thoughts you are trying to clear? Or is it just a habit, a natural instinct and not a need? Why is it not a need? Are you happy and OK and satisfied with all in your life? Why? How is that possible? No? Why not? What have you done with your life that something is not that OK that you need to question it? Why would I not question? Do you expect me to go about life without a question? What kind of life would that be? What kind of person would I be? Where do you expect me to have lived, had I not a single question? Is that even possible? Could one live without a question in one’s mind? Could that mean one would not be a person? Who could ever be considered that? Even the worst of criminals is considered a person, is he/she not? Would you not be him/her given the same choices? Is their life a choice? Whose choice? Would it make any difference having had other opportunities? What difference would that make if it was you committing the crime? What is a crime? Who has decided such a word? And such a punishment? Why is this even a question? Could it not be a simple and rational thing of life? But, again, what would life be if we had no such questions? Would it still be called a life? Why not? Would there not be a person involved? Would that person not emulate what others do? Can a person be a mirror? Why not? Don’t you think you are asking too many questions? Can you decide on which one is the most important? Should I only have one? What can asking questions do? Would it put your mind to rest? How far do you think you can go without questioning? Is that the farthest you can reach? Are you totally sure? Why are you asking? Why are you doubting? When can this wind calm down? Will it ever, in your case? If I were someone else, could it be different? Is there a purpose to all this? Are all these questions necessary? Could you not handle your mind with just one? Or do you always need more? Do you think you are compensating? Do you think you have all there is to be needed? Have you asked that of yourself? Times enough? Are you certain? Why come back here, then? Why-ever not? How much of a difference would it make to come up with just one question or a thousand? How many answers do you need? Will it not suffice just one? Can it not be just that one? And how many ‘ones’ would you like to have? How many questions do you have? 
How many do you need? You sound a broken record, don’t you? Would you wish me to stop? And then what? What is there left for me? Don’t you think that is a stupid question? Do you think so? Do you not? Why should I? Why do you do this? Why won’t I? Are you insane? What if I am?

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