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Books were and still are the choice, instead of  a tv show or even a movie.

Most of the time I would rather imagine, picture it in my head and not have someone telling me the story. Sometimes, I am surprised and the surprise is even bigger when it’s a horror movie. I don’t like them. I never choose them and I would rather do anything else but watch that kind of episode, feature film or whatever shape it is in. However, I am a friend and a friend of mine wanted to buy a ticket to see a horror movie. I went along.

It was ridiculous. It was much more a fantasy movie than a horror one. Or my opinion of horror movies is quite different from the rest… The point is, even though it was not a horror movie, per se, the story line stuck with me. Didn’t think much of it back then, since in 1999 I was such a young girl. Nevertheless, the story accompanied me and now I’m living it.

How funny it is when you see yourself in a character of something that you don’t like nor chose, willingly. Life has a weird way of putting you to the test, to the tests, through numerous tests, one after the other, with no way to escape nor flee from it, no matter how much you want it. Life is such an unwritten story.

The phone sounds differently, the house smells to something not usual, the days go by with no script. That might be good for you, even for me, in a certain way, but at this point not knowing things is all but a blessing. There’s no story line, no music nor a book that lends you a helping hand to whatever fate will come towards me, from now on. There’s nothing left to hope except hoping for it to be quick.

If you’re wondering which is the movie I am in, check The Haunting and Nell’s journey. Could easily call it my own.

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