BIRD Magazine Em Destaque


When Ricardo Pinto invited me to write for Bird Magazine in October 2016, recommended from my friend Miguel Teixeira, coincidence or not, I was in the stage of my life where I wanted to write articles regularly.

Writing an article with regularity is a challenge and has consumed some of my spare time. When I finish an article I am already thinking the theme of the next one and list them in my notepad. My expectations and requirements in my articles are always very high. I search a lot about the possible topics and before deciding what will be the theme of the next piece of work I speak with some friends to be aware of the big pictures of them. When I choose the subject that I will write, I deep dive as much as possible into the theme and always trying to justify my opinion with facts. When I finish my article I always get the feeling I grew up with them, but at the same time that I could have gone further. Seems the walking never finish. Indeed writing never ends!

But I have to finish it, not only because the article has to be sent, but also has to be read. I have to be pragmatic, write it with substance and be succinct for people enjoy reading it.

The Bird Magazine is an online magazine that every day launch numerous articles of great quality, on the most varied themes and forms of writing. It gave me the opportunity and the others to use THE POWER OF THE WORDS and amplify our voice. I read a lot of articles and feel the pleasure that each of my colleagues had when writing the article. I learn a lot when I read them.

The feedback I have received could not be better. There are many articles that I wrote that generate a vigorous debate on my Facebook page. I think a magazine in this format has a future and combined with the launch of pocket books as happened last year, this is definitely a very promising project.

I do not have doubts that the Bird Magazine will give me moments of great joy, satisfaction, learning and every two weeks will offer me WINGS TO WRITE.

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