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There is no particular reason for me to write except that I enjoy it very much. Actually, I not only enjoy it but I rather need it. The act of writing is an addition to my being. To me, choosing a word is as important as the choice of a life’s path since it can take you there or take you down.

There are many ways in which you can put your voice out there and a thousand more where you can show it. Internet and its content allows you to be, more than ever, a master of your own destiny, in whatever type of platform you can think of. Having a blog, a newspaper, a magazine online saves you time and money even though it prevents you from the great pleasure of smelling the paper…

I had heard of Bird magazine before I had read any of its contents. In this time of our lives, a click or a thumbs up is as common as saying “I’ve read it”, “It’s good”, “Go ahead: share it”. So, that’s what I used to do, unbeknown to me that I would be part of this world, that from my side of the ocean I would be telling stories from the point of view of an islander. Who knows how long it will take and how far it will go, nevertheless, the fact remains that I/we keep on having a voice and that is just a wonderful thing.

In these trouble times, a word in any kind or shape is, in fact, a great weapon. Much better and much more efficient than any other that fires a bullet. The sound of a said word even amongst all the noise of the world is, indeed, a terrific mean of fighting our battles. Just need to choose the right word, a quite good choice. There is no backing up a said or written word: it’s there, it exists. We gave it life and we are responsible for it as if it were our child.

It is my belief that when one writes, writes as part of oneself, no matter how distant the choice of word is from its author. So, it is quite a pertinent action to keep on writing, keep on doing that action in any given online form which will be available to the majority of the population and that is read by those who want to do something, despite the numbness state of life that many people from a lot of different countries are living in.

To what end one writes? For what is worth, from my little corner of my house, I will keep on writing what I think is interesting to share with you, specially if you do not know where I come from because good things need to be shared. My intention is to keep on using “my kind of noise” to let the world know of my mind and of my point of view about life and about the human beings that I know or want to know.

To what end? To write and read on!

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